Date: _________________

Times Available  Sheet for__________________________________________________________

(name of student)

Please put “yes” in all the time slots when you could schedule your lesson. Put “no” in those slots where it is absolutely impossible for you to come. Please write “?” if you might be able to come as a last resort or as a one-time make-up

         Mondays      Tuesdays      Wednesdays    Thursdays      Fridays        Saturdays

              MU only    (Piano Parties and MU)

3:30-4:00          l   l l          l   l                   1    10:00-10:30

4:00-4:30    l   l   l          l             l                   1    10:30-11:00

4:30-5:00    l      l ll                     l                  1     11:00-11:30


5:00-5:30    l    lll                     l                  1     11:30-12:00


5:30-6:00     l    lll                     l                  1     12:00-12:30

6:00-6:30     l    lll                     l                  1     12:30-1:00


6:30-7:00     l    lll                     l                  1       1:00-1:30

7:00-7:30     l    lll                      l                  1       1:30-2:00

7:30-8:00     l    lll                      l                   1      2:00-2:30


8:00-8:30     l     lll                      l                   1      2:30-3:00

Please list your three favorite lesson times (day and time): 

Please do not choose Thursdays (Orchestra Rehearsal), Fridays or Saturdays.

These days will be used for make ups, but probably not for regular weekly lesson times.

1._________________________________(most preferred time).



Home Schooled, Middle and High School students/adults:

Can you possibly come earlier than 3:30 on any of the days?

Please write any addtional comments below (or on the back of this paper):

Schedule siblings on the same day?  Different days? (Please fill out two forms).

Please fill in every slot and return this Availability Sheet along with your check and Registration Form before August 15.

I will do my best to schedule you on or near your preferred time.  Lessons begin on Sept. 7. You will be notified by e-mail after August 15th of your new lesson time. Please confirm by e-mail ASAP. Thanks!

Judith Moslak

6933 Pebble Park Circle

West Bloomfield, MI 48322

248 496-3808