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Policy Sheet for 2015-2016

Please read thoroughly and save for reference!

August 4, 2015 


Lessons will begin immediately after Labor Day:  Tuesday, Sept. 7

There will be 19 lessons scheduled for each of two semesters.

No regular lessons will be taught on the following days:

September 7              Labor Day

November 25-27      Thanksgiving  Recess

Dec. 14, 15                No regular lessons

December 22-January 3, 2015  Winter Vacation (Extra SAT Lessons may be scheduled during this time)

February 8-Feb. 19   Teacher Break (dates could vary)

March 25 to April 1   Spring Vacation                                            

May 30                       Memorial Day

Group Lessons (required) 

Days and times of Group Lessons will be confirmed as we get closer to each date. When possible, students will be assigned specific times to rehearse their ensembles together; other group lessons will be general performance for peers. 

In 2015-16, required Group Lessons will be offered on these tentative dates:

Nov. 25  (Tues.)Play a Festival or SAT piece.

Dec. 17  (Wed.)Play a Festival and/or SAT piece

January 27, 2015 (Tues.)   Play a Festival and/or SAT piece

March 31 (Tues.)Rehearse Ensembles 

May 25   ( Tues.)         Rehearse Ensembles

June 23  (Tues.)  Play/demo your second instrument.

Please mark these dates on your calendar now. These will take the place of regular lessons during those partial vacation weeks. The (non-refundable) fee for these lessons is the same as the regular private lesson, although the Group Lesson time will be longer.  Activities will include ensemble playing; performance for and evaluation of peers; and group musical games and drills that reinforce theory such as counting and note recognition. 

Performance Opportunities

Group Lessons (required)

Piano Parties! (duets, ensembles…) 

        October 26, 2013 (Halloween)? Time TBA

Spring Piano Recital at Madonna University

        May 16?, 2014 (Spring Recital/Madonna? ) 2:00 Kresge Hall

Piano Parties are serious attempts to rehearse ensembles.

There is no charge for the Halloween Party or the Spring Recital at Madonna.

Federation Junior Festival (optional) Date and venue TBA

MMTA Student Achievement Testing (optional) Date and venue TBA. 

Spring Recital (required for school aged students) 

Tentative: May 16, 2014 at Madonna University?


The year will be divided into three segments. Tuition is due the first lesson of each segment. 

       30 min. lesson      45 min. lesson

Semester I         September 2-January 24   (19 lessons)    $570.00           $855.00

Semester II         January 21-June 23, 2014  (19 lessons)            570.00             855.00   


Summer Session/Adult Group Lessons By arrangement.

Tuition may also be paid in monthly installments of $120.00 each for four 30-minute lessons; 

$180.00 each for four 45-minute lessons. 

These payments are due in advance beginning on August 15, 2011 and during your first lesson of each four lesson period (October, 2015 through May, 2016). 

Monthly Tuition Due Dates (weeks beginning):   Please put these dates on your calendar.

1.August 15, 2014  

2.September 29

3.October 27

4.November 24

5.January 5, 2015

6.February 16

7.March 16

8.April 20

9.May 18

10.June 15 (two weeks: $60.00)

Book Deposit

All students are required to make a $65.00 book/fee deposit on Aug. 15, 2015 A record will be kept of all book expenses and other miscellaneous fees (including $1.00 for membership in the Pebble Creek Players Junior Club, a requirement for Federation Festival. 

A non-refundable fee of $15.00 will be deducted from each student’s account on August 20 to help defray the cost of computer software, computer and copier ink cartridges, recital expenses, postage, trophy engraving, incentive awards, etc. 

When the $50.00 book/fee deposit is depleted, a copy of the expense record will be given to the parents and another deposit made. If the student should terminate lessons, any unused deposit will be refunded. 

Piano Party! (Duets/Ensembles, sometimes shared with students of other teachers)

Tentative date is Oct. 26 (Halloween Party). It is on a Saturday. (tentative). Time TBA.

Please sign up at your lesson.

Computer Lab

Computer lab time is included in the tuition payment. Each student will be assigned at least 15 minutes on the computer either before or after his/her lesson. MMTA SAT students may also use this time to work on theory papers.


Missed Lessons

Make-up lessons will not be added on to the regular schedule.  Each time you pay the monthly tuition in advance, you are reserving the same time slot for the next four weeks. No rescheduling will be done by the teacher, nor will refunds be given if a lesson (private or group) is cancelled. The only exception to this is if the teacher cancels the lesson. Please be sure to check your child’s assignment sheet weekly to know exactly when your next lesson is scheduled. If the date and time is posted on the assignment sheet, the student is expected to attend. This includes Group Lessons (please see dates listed above.)  Group Lessons cannot be made up.


It is important that each student establish a daily practice schedule of at least 30 minutes in length.  Success at the piano comes only with regular practice.

J. Moslak Policy Statement 2011-12                                    p. 3


Students will be given opportunities to perform at Group Lessons, Piano Parties, Federation Festival, MMTA Student Achievement Testing and the Spring Recital at Madonna U.

Please put the all the tentative dates on your calendar. 

The main method of communication between teacher and student is the weekly Assignment Sheet. Please read this every week for messages, Group Lesson times, etc. Please check your e-mail every Monday for the latest Piano News

As a courtesy to other parents and students, please discuss any questions or concerns during your lesson time. Be careful not to interrupt someone else’s lesson unless it is an emergency.

Students are to arrive on time. Lessons cannot be extended because of late arrival.

All music and notebooks must be brought to each lesson. Lessons cannot be given without the necessary materials. Please be sure your child is inside my house before driving away! Parents should return to my driveway a few minutes before the end of the lesson. The teacher cannot be responsible for students left beyond their appointed time.

A note to remember….

If you are the first lesson of the day, please do not come more than two minutes early. Similarly, if you are the last lesson of the day, please be ready to leave promptly when it is done.  Please be careful not to extend my teaching time. I have other appointments, rehearsals and other things scheduled before and after my teaching time. 

Each student has an assigned computer time. They may extend that within the limits of my start and end times. It’s fine with me if they continue to work as long as other students are here. During your assigned computer time (15 minutes) you have first choice of which computer you use. If you choose to stay longer (if others are still in the studio), then you will need to use what is available if there is another student officially assigned to that time. Please check with me each time you wish to extend your computer time to make sure there will be other students still here at that same time.

Please, out of concern for others and the equipment…

Wipe your shoes thoroughly on the mats in the garage as you enter the house. 

Students should remove shoes in the laundry room. 

Never wear shoes on the carpet that are wet and/or have deep ridges full of mud on the bottom.

No bare feet please. Wear socks.

Come to the piano and computers with clean, dry hands

Do not touch your nose, mouth, eyes, etc. before or while playing the piano or using the computer.

Be considerate of others: blow your nose before your lesson and then wash/dry your hands well.

Remove bracelets (especially dangling ones) and large rings before your lesson begins.

The study of piano is enriching and rewarding.  It is also work!  It is a commitment made by the student, parent and teacher.  It is my hope that, working together as a team, we can all look forward to another exciting year of learning!

Judith Moslak

Please detach and send with your registration:


Video and Photographic Release Form       

           I hereby authorize Judith Moslak to photograph and videotape my child during lessons (private and group), Piano Parties, Festival, MMTA SAT Day, Nursing Home visits and recitals. These pictures may be displayed during all of the above and lectures/demonstrations given by Ms. Moslak. Photographs and videotapes will be made available as needed to the media, including but not limited to websites (first names only), newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations. 

I certify that I am the legal guardian for ___________________________________________and that I agree to the conditions stated above.


                             (Parent or Guardian)(Date)

Judith Moslak