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Dear Parents:





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The Festivals are run by the National Federation of Music Clubs. Every spring, the Federation sponsors festivals all over the country for students under the age of 19. The Festival program is designed to “promote study, stimulate interest in American and world music literature, and encourage each participant to reach a high standard of musical achievement” (Festival Bulletin). It is not a competition, but an opportunity to perform and receive an evaluation from a teacher/judge. The Festival is open to students of piano and other instruments. It is for students of every ability. Each student is judged on his/her performance alone. No comparisons are made between students.

The Festival rules require students to play one piece by an American composer from a list of compositions provided by the Festival committee, and a second piece that is selected by the teacher and student. The second piece cannot be on the Festival list. Both pieces must be memorized. The student must bring the original music with him or her to the judging room (no xeroxed copies are allowed). There is a $20.00 fee per student for participation in the Festival.

The teachers place students in Festival classification based on the length of time the student has studied piano and their current level of playing. Students who receive a Superior rating progress to a higher classification the following year. Students who receive a rating lower than Superior may progress or repeat the current classification.

Students can receive a total of 100 possible points for their performance in the following categories:


ACCURACY (notes, fingering, dynamics, legato/staccato, etc.)

RHYTHM (correct beat/count, steady tempo)

TECHNIC (hand position, pedal, balance of sound between hands)

MUSICIANSHIP (appropriate tempo, interpretation, tone quality)

GENERAL EFFECT (appearance, attitude, body position, poise)

Based on the total number of points received, students then earn ratings as follows:

SUPERIOR91-100 points5 trophy points

EXCELLENT81-90 points4 trophy points

SATISFACTORY71-80 points3 trophy points

FAIR61-70 points2 trophy points

NEEDS IMPROVEMENT51-60 points1 trophy point

(over, please)

Junior Festival information letter  7/1/11                                                                  p. 2

A student needs 15 trophy points to get a trophy, so it may take 3-4 years of participation to earn the first trophy. The trophies increase in size every 15 points. Each student also receives a Certificate of Participation. Students with a Superior rating receive a special certificate. All awards will be given out at our spring recital.

On the day of the Festival, students should arrive at least 10 minutes prior to their scheduled time to play. Students may leave immediately after they play. Only the student, the judge, and one adult volunteer are allowed in the room during performances; chairs are available for parents to relax outside the room. Students should dress up for this important occasion. 

Attached to this letter is a copy of the evaluation form used by the judges at Junior Festival. I plan to discuss this with all of the students at a Group Lesson. We will do some evaluating ourselves as each student plays a solo piece for the group that evening.  Please reserve the date on your calendar.

I have enrolled your child in our Junior Festval Club (required) which is called Pebble Creek Players.  The $1.00 dues is deducted from each student’s Book Deposit account.  All students who wish to play in the Solo Piano Event, Duet Event, Lynn Freeman Olson Event or Concerto Event must be enrolled in the Junior Festival Club (Pebble Creek Players). 

Parent volunteers are needed to work for a half day at the registration desk. Each Event involves a $20.00 fee.  Please let me know as soon as possible in which events (if any; none are required) your child is interested in participating and if you would be willing to help on March 13.

If you are participate in Junior Festival, your child will be assigned a time (approximately 30 minutes) sometime between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm.

Sincerely yours,

Judith Moslak